Child Care Resources

Sometimes Parents have to weigh heavy decisions when it comes to child care and working. This resource will hopefully support you in making that decision while keeping employment and your family safe.

Finding Quality Childcare

Here’s a list of resources and tools to use when looking for childcare.

Investigate your options

Types of Child Care

There are two types of child care (Licensed and License Exempt) but multiple types of settings.

Child Care Settings

  • Family Child Care Homes – A home-based program typically offers flexible hours, a low child to caregiver ratio, and most siblings are cared for together.
  • Center-Based Child Care – A classroom-like environment that typically offers consistent hours, larger numbers of children, and has groups of children by age.
  • Informal In-Home Child Care – A caregiver that does not need to be licensed for the care of 3 or fewer children. Caregivers can be friends or relatives of the family.


Become a Provider

Becoming a provider can be great for the stay at home parent or passionate entrepreneur. Here’s how

Locate a 5-star Provider

Use the SPARK Quality Childcare Locator

Get-involved, Get Reimbursed

Politisit Childcare Reimbursement